Theater Department


CCS Theater puts on plays in both the Fall and the Spring. Some plays are musicals. All plays involve roles for more than actors and dancers, though. Many roles are unseen by the audience, but vital to the production of the play: costume crew, scenic prep & props crew, lighting, followspots, sound board operators, projection operators and even ushers. 

For more information about plays and auditions, please see the website or email the Theater Department.

JCHAI Theater


Tammy Brookins

Jefferson County Homeschool Association (JCHAI)

 (850) 427-1436

Classes begin September 2, 2021

This class is part of the JeffCo Homeschool Group. To participate in the following classes, you have to  be an active member in the association. 
To register with JCHAI click  here:
Once you register with the association and your payment is received, you can sign up for this class.
Thursdays, 2:00 pm, (contact Tammy Brookins for more information) 
This Fall’s Production will be a very abridged performance of Shakespeare’s “Henry V”. 
Family and Friends performance will be November 18, 2021.
$10 per student 

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