Tallahassee Homeschool (Outside) Fun!

close up of beautiful pink camalia flower

Looking for New Paths in Tallahassee?

It seems that autumn brings out the explorer in my everyone. In the search for meeting places convenient for geographically diverse groups, some fresh wonders popped up. Not only were there new parks, there were a multitude of tiny pocket parks squirreled away inside city limits. Just right for a quick stretch after lunch.
This week Tallyhops covers the North and Eastern sections of Leon County. Among them are gems like Maclay, Micosukee Greenway and Lafayette Heritage Trail. So pack a picnic, grab some nature guides, nets, and maybe a seascope. (Even better, make a free and quick one like this. They will love knowing how to make their own.) If you find a salamander or anything fun, consider bringing it home. Really. Books like Pets In A Jar are classic guides to simple, inexpensive & temporary aquariums and terrariums. Most of all, enjoy making awesome school memories!

Happy Fall!


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