To say that parents need support in the homeschooling adventure is an understatement. Many are giving up all or most of an income to take on full responsibility to do something they have never done – or perhaps even seen done- with children whose struggles and successes they will never be able to forget.  Add curious – or doubtful- family, friends,  neighbors and well-meaning onlookers and the pressure can become intense. 

Like-minded homeschool families tend to pop up at park days, games, performances and more. For questions about legal issues and standard procedures,  professional Home Education groups are listed below, as well as local parent support groups. Please see the OUTINGS page for a list of Park Groups and Game Groups.

State Parent Educator Associations

Ms. Dickinson and her late husband, Craig, were the authors of the original homeschool legislation for the state of Florida. Brenda remains very active. She knows the names and faces in each School District office in Florida. She is quite familiar with issues facing homeschoolers throughout the state and is often able to help parents find the correct person to resolve the issue quickly. 

FPEA existst to educate and encourage parents. It does this through events such as a state convention and various homeschool meetups.  Homeschool parents serve as district representatives to help parents find answers, people and links for the schools districts within their FPEA District.  


GHEA is a member supported, non-profit association that serves homeschoolers in Georgia. We are committed to the advancement of home education and the protection of every family’s right to home educate.


We are open to Christians of all affiliations and non-Christians as well; however, all should understand that we are committed to Biblical standards.

SWGHA’s goal is to provide support and assist families of Southwest Georgia with the challenges of educating their children at home.


National Parent Educator Associations

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is one of the nation’s largest homeschool advocacy organization. If you are unable to work through a homeschool legal issue with HEA and FPEA, then it is time to call HSLDA! Their site (linked above) is a wealth of well-organized information covering everything from grading to testing to webinars.

NHA exists to assist in the organizing, coordinating and advancing of the homeschooling movement for the benefit of all homeschoolers. Includes help for parenst that want (or need) to work full time and still homeschool via PODS (Parent Organized Discovery Sites). NHA also offers a Homeschool Teacher Course, E-book library, Talent Showcase and more.

NHERI is a wealth of information for those searching for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles about homeschooling. NHERI speaks to the media, legislators, and national organizations about the home schooling movement, serves as conference speakers and teachers for groups interested in home schooling; and works with legislators on issues related to parental rights and children’s rights.


The goal of this organization is ultimately to see strong families with healthy parent child relationships.  We believe that every child deserves a world class education.  This organization believes that these goals can be achieved through parent directed education. We are bringing the rich heritage of the Black experience to the homeschooling community worldwide.

FB Pages for Local Resource Groups

The FB pages listed below are not clickable links. Sorry! Some groups are private, but all are friendly. Please see them on Facebook for more information. Remember, to check local CO-OPS, CLASSES, ARTS, INTERESTS, ATHLETICS and SERVICE pages for more terrific places to meet homeschool families!

  • Florida Homeschoolers
  • Florida Unschoolers
  • Georgia Homeschooling 
  • Georgia Homeschooling Events
  • Homeschooling Florida
  • Hometown Homeschoolers (Wakulla)
  • Homeschooling in Gadsden County
  • Jefferson County Homeschool Association
  • Sacred Heart Home Educators (Lori Sobeski)
  • Tallahassee Homeschool Area HUB
  • Tallahassee Homeschool Community Board
  • Tallahassee Homeschooling for High School
  • Tallahassee Area Homeschool FSOT
  • Classical Conversations Tallahassee
  • CHART, Inc. (Christian Homeschool Association of Regional Thomasville)
  • Thomasville Classical Conversations Community


Forms for starting your home education program, free curriculum, online books, online book recordings & curriculum reviews


Expertly covered by former homeschooler-turned-homeschool-blogger, Rebecca M Devitt, on her blog How Do I Homeschool?

One of these curricula has a handy program worth sharing here:

Emergency HELP 

for the schooling in times of chaos.



Florida Evaluators

Georgia Testing Suppliers

Current Legislative Issues

Additional Support

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