A green sign with gold lettering reads "San Luis Mission Park"

San Luis Mission Park [Perfect Homeschool Lunch Break]

an empty roadway forks underneath a light canopy of green oak leaves

San Luis Mission Park is the Perfect Homeschool Lunch Break because...
it's under a canopy.

And if you have been in Tallahassee in any month other than January or February, you know that a cool canopy is a gift. A fountain is a bonus. It doesn’t cool you, but it deepens the illusion. ; )

a simple fountain in the middle of the lake can be seen through trees around it.

...it has a playground...

a child plays on a shady playset

For those that are too young to turn loose on the trails, a playground does wonders for dispostions (and naps). This playset is designed mostly for children under ten. It is deeply shaded and large enough for a crowd of families. 

...it has a pond with turtles, beavers and more...

For those who disdain the confines of a playground, but are still enchanted by the hunt for a yellow-bellied slider small enough to stuff in a pocket, the pond calls. The egrets, water snakes, and tadpoles are waiting to be caught and observed up close.

a child in a pink shirt peers into the depths of a pond from the boardwalk

...it has a *lot* of trails for exploration...

A trail wends around the edges of a clearing

For those who need to run and adventure more independently, there are the trails. Whether running, walking or mountain biking, the trails offer a lovely respite from books and classrooms. 

...and it has covered pavilions.

vehicles park under a tall canopy of trees.

So parents can charge phones, chat over lunch and serve as “command central” while games and explorations ebb and flow around them. Convenient parking makes loading up a tiny bit quicker because *sometimes* homeschool moms take a long time wrapping up conversations. Not that many kids even opened a lunchbox.  

Need somewhere closer?

Click here for a list of nature in the nine counties around Tallahassee. For Leon, the listing is broken up by sections: North/Northeast/East;  South and Southwest and Midtown/Uptown.

  • This is a terrific place for bug boxes and tadpole jars.
  • While the insects seem pretty tame, it never hurts to carry buy spray.
  • Adding a handful of orienteering compasses for kiddos to make a geocach map adds another layer of fun!

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