Florida Park & Game Groups

Gadsden County (Quincy Area)
Jefferson County (Monticello Area)

JCHAI & Guests Park Days

Thursdays @ 10:00, all ages welcome

Contact Tammy Brookins for more information.

Tammy Brookins

 (850) 427-1436

In summer we meet for water fun, in winter we meet at a park. Rainy or freezing days we meet at the JCHAI Resource Center. (Non-members are welcome to our Park Days!)

Leon County (Tallahassee Area)

Charlotte Mason Playgroup

Thursdays, 12:30-2:00 pm

Contact: Elizabeth Parker

The Tallahassee Charlotte Mason co-op is having a lunch/free play on the west side of Tallahassee generally every Thursday between 12:30-2:00 pm. All families are invited especially if they follow Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education or are interested.     

Leon County (Tallahassee Area)

Winthrop Park Olders Group

2nd & 4th Fridays at Baseball / Field Area

Time: 2:00 – 4:00

Ages: Primarily 10 and up, but all ages welcome!

Bring: water, lawn chair/blanket

Contact: Debbie Stump

We are a group of Christian homeschoolers that meet for a bit of Friday afternoon fun at Winthrop Park.  Our meetings are just for social chats, but we swap a lot of great information and encouragement! 

Generally, we have frisbees, kickball and a football. Kids bring equipment or games they enjoy (Spoons, Dutch Blitz, etc).

In the summertime, we often meet at Wakulla Springs in the mornings.

Feel free to drop in when you can. We love to meet new faces!

Liberty County (Bristol Area)
Wakulla County (Crawfordville/Wakulla Area)

Georgia Park & Game Groups

Decatur County
Gray County
Thomas County
Mitchell County

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