Gadsden County (Quincy Area)
Jefferson County (Monticello Area)
Leon County (Tallahassee Area)
Liberty County (Bristol Area)
Wakulla County (Crawfordville/Wakulla Area)


Decatur County

Fire Department Tours:    229-248-3011 
Any size group is welcome with an appointment.

Sheriff’s Office  (229) 248-3044

Grady County

Fire Department:  (229) 377-0628

Sheriff’s Department:  (229) 377-5200

Thomas County

Fire Department Tours:    Kelsey Young, 229-227-7015
Any size group is welcome with appointment.   Ages 2 & up must be masked.

Police Department Meet & Greet / Safety Talks:    Crystal Parker, 229-227-3290
Call to schedule for your group or church.

Mitchell County

Fire Department:  229-336-2205
Call 3 days ahead to schedule. K-12 Curriculum is available. High school students have some fun options (learn how to open a fire hydrant & more).

Police Deparment 229-336-2205
Call 3 days ahead to schedule. The Police and Fire Departments share the same building may be toured on the same day. 

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