1020ART is the result of a developer and an artist brainstorming what they each do best. The result is a beautiful two story office building with glass atriums and winding stairs filled with fine art and gifts. This “public space” is open throughout the week to wander and enjoy… no one will bother you, yet someone is always available to open the display cases or talk about a particular artist or technique.

Programming at 621 Gallery includes: literary reading series, evenings of music, theater, dance, and various other performances, involvement with FSU Schools of Theater, Dance, and Visual Arts, First Friday opening receptions, family workshops, and more!

The Able Artists Gallery is a unique showcase of pieces created by artists who live with a disability. 80% of proceeds go back to the artists. The exhibit is different every time, and the customer service is wonderful!

Mary Proctor has won numerous awards and received many special recognitions for her unique artwork over the years. Some of those recognitions include but are not limited to her artwork being displayed in the following museums:

  • Smithsonian Museum
  • American Visionary Art Museum
  • Petersburg Fine Art Museum
  • The Metropolitan Museum
Dean Mitchell’s Marie Brooks Gallery is named for American artist Dean Mitchell’s maternal grandmother who inspired him to become an artist.  Marie Brooks Gallery was established in 2017 and is located at 11 West Jefferson Street in Quincy, Florida, across the street from what was once McCrory’s, the five and dime store where Marie purchased a paint-by-number set for him when he was five years old.  That simple, historic purchase changed the course of his life forever.  Dean Mitchell, described by New York Time’s art critic Michel Kimmelman as a modern-day Vermeer, is known for his watercolors, oils, and acrylic paintings.

Our art collection began in earnest in April of 2017 when 155 works of African art were donated to the Visual Arts Program by the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida. Through the generosity of the Rebecca Nagy, Director, and Susan Cooksey, Curator of African Art, it was decided to transfer these objects into our care. The collection is currently the largest publicly-accessible African art collection in the Tallahassee area.

This exhibition series has been a collaborative effort involving the Chinese Association of Tallahassee and the Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery, Visual Arts program, and FAMU community.

The exhibition presents extraordinary Chinese talent and aims to enrich the Chinese culture in Tallahassee’s local community.  The exhibition includes artwork created by both local Chinese artists and visiting artists from China. The art media and techniques include traditional ink and brush painting, calligraphy, prints, photography, paper cut, sculpture, ceramic, embroidery and silk.

MoFA connects Florida State University and the broader community to the arts. In addition to maintaining a permanent collection of over 6000 objects, MoFA presents exhibitions of historical and contemporary art works that contribute meaningfully to the scholarship and conversations that sustain the civic and intellectual life of our campus, city, and region. By introducing diverse audiences to the integral roles that art and culture play in shaping societies, MoFA fosters collaboration, creativity, and critical engagement.

 Click here to see MOFA’s collections.

The Gadsden Arts Center & Museum….what began as a small annual art exhibition to support local artists and improve the quality of life in Gadsden County, has developed into an American Alliance of Museums Accredited Museum with a state of the art exhibition space, a leader in the Florida art community, with top scoring state grants and innovative educational and exhibition programming.

Click here for information on the Permanent Collection.

The Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida includes 5 garden spaces, a 250-seat auditorium, study center, museum store, café and classroom spaces. The Harn’s collection totals more than 13,300 objects including African, Asian, modern and contemporary art, and photography with significant representations of Ancient American and oceanic art, as well as a growing collection of natural history works on paper.

Click here to see Collections.

Jan’s Gallery offers affordable ethnic art from the Caribbean and beyond, as well as a space for the creations of local artists, educators, musicians, and bands.

One exhibit featured each month. JAG has studio space and classroom space as well. Jag features workshops by well-known artists in all mediums and by our local members as well. Jefferson Arts Gallery also features a gift shop where we sell affordable works by our member artists. Our past shows have included the works of Jean Weiner; Lynn Priestly; Julie Boland; Sally Shovar; Ron Yrabedra, Stephen Bennett, Penny L. Anderson, Dr. Maguerite Foxon, Keith McCulloch, Donalee Pond-Koenig, Troy Spencer, Renee Lynch, Debby Brienen, Melinda Copper, Peter Murdock, Ruth Dryden-Deshaies, Linda Van Beck, Anne Hempel, Zaid Haynes, Andrew Greenwood, Strange Circus, Tadja Dragoo, Jo Shoupe and Eluster Richardson.

Since 1963, LeMoyne Arts has been true to its founding principles; to promote the work of local artists and to preserve Florida’s art heritage. We are sustained by memberships, donations, sales of art through our exhibitions and gallery shop, sponsorships, grants, and legacy giving.
Our gallery is located in the historic Meginnis-Munroe House (built 1854). The exhibits and gallery shop are open to the public Tuesday – Saturday 11AM- 6PM, with special hours during holidays.
We foster active collaborations with artists, and partner with a wide range of institutions including local public and private schools, the Council on Culture and Arts, FSU Museum of Fine Arts and the FAMU Foster Tanner Gallery, local businesses and non-profits. 

State history museum and Tallahassee cultural centerpiece, the MFH has some amazing Florida History resources for educators. 

Museum Exhibits Gallery, R. A. Gray Building
  • Presents Florida history from the prehistoric era to the mid-20th century
  • Home of Florida’s World War II Living Memorial
  • 27,000-square-foot gallery with more than 3,000 square feet of changing exhibition space
  • More than 46,800 artifacts in nationally recognized, diverse collections representing the entire state of Florida

Found in Grady County,  Pope’s Museum is the former home of Laura Pope Forester,  a self taught artist, notable not only for creating a large art environment of high artistic quality around her rural residence and store, but also as one of the few female artists to do so in the twentieth century. Before her death in 1953, she had created 200 sculptures, wall to wall murals  and gardens of exquisite design and intention.   (Popes Museum is a gorgeous wedding venue!)
Laura Pope Forester’s art and message captured the attention of newspapers and print throughout GA and even the nation.    Some examples are Thomasville Times, Macon Telegraph, Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Smithsonian Magazine. There are dozens of files of her work in the United States Library of Congress, Atlanta’s High Museum, and  Georgia State University.

East Side School, constructed in 1915 and now on the National Register of Historic Places, was Thomasville’s first school built with public funding. In 1975, the school closed and fell into disrepair, but a group of citizens passionate about historic preservation rallied together to protect the building. Today, it is Thomasville Center for the Arts.
The Center itself was born from an idea set in motion by our founders over 30 years ago. They were the change-makers, catalysts of their time, for our organization and many other in our community. 
We’ve come a long way since their vision for a home for the arts was first introduced and have felt a deep sense of responsibility to carry forward their work while cultivating an environment where the diverse creative facets of our culture can thrive. 

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