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Study Spots: TallyCat Cafe

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TallyCat Cafe provides a unique study spot in NW Tallahassee

TallyCat Café has been on my list of potential study spots for years. Having moved out “into the country” several years ago means lots of drive time – and often lots of wait time. As homeschoolers, we pay for not having a school’s convenient all-in-one-spot curriculum for all of our students. Mind you, the ride is well worth the price. But with the correlation between a student’s age and busyness being strong, having an in-town place to park and study between errands, appointments, co-op, lessons, etc. is a beautiful thing.  For younger students it can be a challenge to study with the distraction of an unusual place. For older students it often affirms the “world is your classroom” reality– and the freedom is refreshing.  

What, exactly, is TallyCats Cafe?

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Just off of North Monroe and close to I-10 exit 199, TallyCat Café sports an interesting business model. Patrons can sip on coffees, bobas, etc in the dining area. This small dining area includes a large bar overlooking a glass enclosed room of sofas, toys and cats. Each cat is eligible for adoption from the Leon County Humane Society. For an additional hourly fee of $10 per person, diners may take a lidded drink into the kitty room to visit with the kitties – provided that all reservations are not taken. The barista informed me that Tuesday afternoons, being one of the few slow times, access to kitties is reduced. Reduced or not, it is an expensive proposition for a homeschool family. However, for those in the market for a pet, it offers an excellent chance to find the purr-fect furry friend.

What makes TallyCat a good study spot?

Why is TallyCat Café a good study spot?

  • a sedate atmosphere
  • a well-developed menu of drinks
  • free wi-fi
  • a super location for NW Tally activities

The few afternoons I have been to TallyCat Café, the dining area seems relatively quiet, while the cat room is busy. While I do not know what the atmosphere is at night (it does offer alcoholic beverages and hosts a happy hour), it was a pleasant spot to park and work on schoolwork in the 90 minute wait while another child was at sports practice. And, fortunately, my child understood exactly why we couldn’t take home another cat – we already have five. (Beware what you promise to young children “if we ever move out into the country”!)


  • Children under 13 must be with an adult to enter the cat room.
  • In case your kids ask, no, same day adoption is not available
  • the parking lot is small and tight.
  • This is not the best option for an evening study spot due to Happy Hour.

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