My name is Joy. I graduated from FSU with a degree in Secondary Science Education many years ago.  I am also certified in an Orton-Gillingham technique for working with dyslexic and ADD/HD students. Sixteen years ago it became clear that my oldest child needed to be home-educated due to health concerns. I left behind my beloved math and science classes at a small private school and dove into homeschooling.

TallyHOPS is the result of years of conversations with homeschool parents from counties across the Big Bend and Southwest Georgia region. In that time this region’s homeschool community has gone from word-of-mouth and emails about family meetings and small co-ops to Facebook, nationally organized co-ops, collaboratives, online classes and more. But there has been no website to post information for the entire region. The array of options for classes, interest groups, and volunteering alone is dizzying. TallyHOPS exists to share that information and more in an easily searchable format.

It is my pleasure to help families connect with people and programs in a timely manner. Please feel free to share any connections that you think would be of service to the homeschool community, as well as any corrections to anything I have posted.

Thank you!


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