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So this isn’t exactly local, but it is too good not to share. And, while it began in 2015, it’s not well known in local circles. 

Modern States is privately funded philanthropy with a goal to offer a quality, free college education to all. And, similar to Khan Academy, it offers an Ivy League curriculum for free. But it goes a step further. Unlike Khan Academy:

1.) All 30+ courses are focused on CLEP and AP;

2.) Courses include lectures, quizzes, tests, tutoring, textbooks and all associated materials;

3.) When you complete a CLEP prep course with a score of 75% on the sample CLEP questions, you can request a CLEP voucher code, which you use as payment for the exam. (Some CLEP exams can even be remotely proctored at home.)

4.) After the exam, Modern States will reimburse you for test center fees (paid to schedule the exam).

Easy to see why their tagline is “Freshman Year for Free”, right?

And, like Khan Academy, there are no prerequisites, age limits or time limits. Each course is self-paced. Even better, the website says that tutoring is provided.


Modern States pays for the first 10,000 tests. 


1.) Will your intended college/university assign credit for CLEP? If so, how much for which score? See this page.

2.) Will your intended college/university accept AP scores for credit? See this page. 

3.) While CLEP and AP scores don’t “expire”, colleges do have different rules on how recent these scores must be in order to be counted. Course catalogs generally come out around July, so do your homework! 

As if the cost of college weren’t crazy enough, inflation is taking to a new level. The average cost of an undergraduate credit hour in 2021-2022 was $605. Modern States offers a terrific way to take a chunk out of college costs. And for those of us blessed to be in Florida, it can be combined with Florida Bright Futures to pay not only for the rest of undergraduate coursework, for the first 15 hours of graduate school as well. 

I hope that this research helps you as much as it did me. If you have had experience with Modern States, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.




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