Families unite to organize creative, engaging classes to meet the unique needs and goals of their students.

Parents come together to choose curriculum, activities, times and places to share classes. Co-ops can range from informal groups of parents exploring different topics with children to legally documented  groups under an Advisory Board which hires teachers. 

Classical Conversations is a national co-op focusing on providing a classical education for homeschool students. It offers K-12 classes proctored by a tutor one day a week. It does not offer grades for students and parents must contribute a significant amount of time to ensure students understand and complete all assignments.  Parents may chose to be trained to tutor a class to help with the cost of classes.   

Friends & Scholars

  • email
  • Freedom Church, 2801 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee – back breezeway
  • all ages, all curriculums
  • Tuesday mornings, 10-12
  • Littles , Elementary (2nd-5th), Middle & High School groups
  • No fee to join
  • Shared teaching/supervising & costs
  • Freedom Church, 2801 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee – back breezeway
  • Bring your families and join us for a meeting to learn about the Friends and Scholars Homeschool Co-op! We are a casual group of families gathering once a week to foster friendships and offer supplemental education for our kids. Anyone can join us, at any age, using any curriculum at home. We meet on Tuesday mornings during the school year outside of Freedom Church from 10:00 to 12:00. The first hour of our time is purely play and social time for moms and kids. During the second hour, we split up into three groups: Littles (up to first grade), elementary (second to fifth), and middle/high school. Moms stay and take turns teaching or helping in the groups. We are a group of Christians from a variety of theological backgrounds, but we don’t require anyone to be a person of faith to be a part of the group. Join us for our meeting to learn more! 

    There is no fee to join, but we share teaching/supervising responsibilities and costs throughout the year.

Gathering Oaks is a pre-K-12th grade Christian, Classical, academic co-op formed in 2022 that meets on Mondays for 13 weeks in the fall and 15 weeks in the spring. This supportive community of homeschool families partner together, using Claritas curriculum to raise a generation of lifelong learners filled with wonder and awe for their Creator. The overall goal is to teach children to think for themselves with a heavy emphasis on the Bible and biblical worldview training. Gathering Oaks offers the following programs for families:
-The Greenwood is for students ages 4-11 and students transition through morning rotations of Fine Arts, hands-on Science experiments, P.E., Bible class, weekly memory work, and presentations.
-The Grove Jr. is a 3rd grade level introduction to grammar and writing afternoon class
-The Grove is a 4th-6th grade level grammar and writing afternoon class
-The Orchard is an all-day program designed for students ages 12 and up in which students work through 7 subject areas of study, including: Bible Study, Science, History, Logic, Mathematics, Language, Literature & Writing, as well as some elective classes. Each level provides a unique selection of content and curriculum to help students become self-disciplined, organize themselves, learn critical thinking skills, and develop their own Christian worldview. This 2023-2024 academic year, we are able to provide classes for the 7th grade, 8th grade, and 10th/11th grade levels only.
Please email for more information!

Libertas is a collaborative that formed in 2019 in response to a need for quality, affordable, sustainable academic classes for our own children. Their goal is to provide a Classical Christian Education for families seeking to home school while building students’ characters and glorifying God in their work.

This is a large, non-profit group with a wonderful array of classes for grades 7-12 all at one location in NE Tallahassee. Classes include several levels of languages, math, science, rhetoric, ominbus and electives. 

Sacred Heart Home Educators provide education in the home for the benefit of the children, to educate them in the love of the Sacred Heart and to provide a classical education in coordination with other home school families.

The group meets every first Friday of the month and two different class days during the week.  


Tammy Brookins

 (850) 427-1436

This class is part of the JeffCo Homeschool Group. To participate in the following classes, you have to  be an active member in the association. 
To register with JCHAI click  here:
Once you register with the association and your payment is received, you can sign up for this class.
Pre-registration and parent particpation  required. This class is for 0-6 year olds, well behaved siblings welcome.  Wednesdays at 10 @ Resource Center. Donations accepted for craft supplies.

Tallahassee Charlotte Mason Co-op

We are a group of Charlotte Mason homeschoolers seeking to build fellowship and community amongst like-minded families in Tallahassee while supplementing our home learning with subjects more difficult to implement at home. Mothers work together to administer classes for students following Charlotte Mason’s idea of short, varied, and diverse lessons. 


Wild+Free is an international organization seeking to bring homeschoolers from all different philosophies together to explore nature and inspire adventure, freedom, and wonder in our children. Wild+Free Tallahassee welcomes all homeschooling families and provides opportunities for bi-monthly nature walks, quarterly nature excursions, and a mother culture book club. 

Winthrop Park Olders group meets at the baseball diamond and the pavillion of Winthrop Park every other Friday. All ages are welcome, but the group is focused around ages 10 and up. Kickball, spoons, cards and more fun for fall & spring, water dates for the summer. Moms get plenty of chat time as well.
Contact Debbie Stump ( for more information.

The Winthrop Park Youngers Playgroup meets at the playground weekly. All ages are welcome, but the group is focused around ages 13 and under. Play is not necessarily structured, but play gear and games are welcome. This is a new group for Fall 2022, and is still developing its rhythm. Field Trips are planned for every 3 weeks or so.   For more information, visit the Facebook page “Tallahassee Winthrop Park Youngers Homeschool Playgroup”. Admin email will be added as soon as it is determined.

While it sounds incredibly daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Not only are there some excellent resources to help, but there are also many new homeschool families coming into the ten counties around Leon every month. In short – others are looking, too.
If you are interested in starting a co-op, here are a few links to starting different two different types: The Playgroup or Park Group Co-op, and the Field Trip Co-op. Of course, there are academic, sports and extra-curricular co-ops as well if you are interested. If you would like some help finding others in your area that might be interested or who would be willing to mentor you, please contact Joy at

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