There is no "i" in team.

Flexibility is a major homeschool perk. Athletics are no exception. Youth can access a host of sports in a myriad of times and places. Cost, paperwork and commitment vary with venue, but thanks to the “Tim Tebow” law homeschoolers may join teams at private or public schools in both Florida and Georgia. Students can also enjoy playing with teams through Parks and Recreation departments. Beyond these traditional venues, there are also a variety of travel teams and a few homeschool groups.

Not all private schools welcome homeschoolers, though. And since homeschool students registered under an umbrella school are considered “private school” students, they are not eligible to play for another private school. All private schools listed below welcome homeschool athletes.


 If you have any questions or doubts, be sure to contact the coach at the school you are considering.  

For required paperwork or more information on homeschool athlete participation in schools, please click on the headers & links below.

Contact the Athletics Department of the school. Please share any updates on paperworks or participation in private school athletics with TallyHOPS for posting. Thank you!

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